How We Met

Frank was visiting a friend in Atlanta in May of 2017. After dinner, they were grabbing drinks and his friend recognized an old colleague from across the bar. She was a friend of Dana’s, who was joining her out that night. After brief introductions, Frank and Dana immediately realized they had a few things in common. Frank being from the DC area & Dana’s sister-in-law also being from the DC area, led to discussions of where they went to high school. Coincidently, her sister-in-law went to the same high school that Frank’s mother, aunt, and grandmother attended, Georgetown Visitation. The connection developed from there as they spent the rest of the night talking about the usual topics that people discuss over drinks at a bar when they first meet.

After Frank returned back to DC at the end of the weekend, he and Dana continued talking and he eventually planned another trip to Atlanta at the end of the summer for them to see each other again. At this point, their relationship had developed into something they were both eager to continue over the short distance of approximately 600 miles. After countless flights back and forth to celebrate birthdays, holidays and ‘I miss Coconut’ weekends, everything changed.

Dana planned a trip to Savannah for Frank’s birthday in March of 2020. Due to the pandemic, a weekend trip turned into 6 months of Frank living out of a backpack in Dana’s condo with her, Frank, Kellie (Dana’s sister) & Coconut (Dana’s Maltese). Needless to say, it was a strenuous time to navigate with the uncertainty ahead. The generosity and kindness that the Middletons showed Frank during these times in a brand new city confirmed everything he thought about the type of person Dana was and where she came from. Though they did not know it, the family dinners and weekend trips out on the boat were staples in Frank’s life growing up that made the transition much easier. Eventually, when his apartment lease was up, he flew back to DC, loaded up his car, and drove the 11 hrs to Atlanta in October of 2020.